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Root Canal Treatment in San Antonio, TX

For many, just hearing the words “root canal” brings thoughts of pain and great discomfort. Fortunately, this is not the case with today’s advanced dental techniques. In reality, a root canal is a gentle procedure to relieve pain, not cause it.
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What Is Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal is the tubular space in the middle of a tooth root, which houses soft tissues known as dental pulp, as well as the nerve. Inside each tooth, the pulp provides nutrients and nerves to the tooth, running down through the root. Sometimes, the tooth has decayed so badly it can’t be restored with a filling.

If the pulp or nerve are damaged or injured, they will not recover. The tissue dies, and infection occurs, creating pressure inside the tooth, and aggravating the nerve. If the dead tissue is not removed, the tooth will probably be lost.

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Symptoms for Root Canals

Symptoms that indicate root canal therapy may be needed include:


Frequent or chronic toothache

Sensitivity to temperature or pressure

Darkening or discoloration of the tooth

Spontaneous pain, even without eating or drinking

Nighttime pain

Tenderness in the gums

Gum swelling

Dead or dying nerves

Offering Excellent Outcomes

Root canals tend to have very high success rates, even though it is an invasive procedure. Although extractions are cheaper, they leave gaps in the mouth, which ultimately may need to be filled with an implant. The process is very similar to having a cavity filled, though it takes a bit longer.

Following treatment, the toothaches, sensitivity, and abscesses cease. In the follow-up visits, in most cases, the treated tooth will be topped with a beautiful porcelain crown, to prevent any future damage and restore the smile.

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